How to clean the dishwasher

Keep your dishwasher clean and you will have perfectly clean dishes. We advise you to keep a clean dishwasher free of bacteria, scale and unpleasant odor.

Why clean the dishwasher

It might seem strange to wash the appliance, which is the task of washing dishes. However, if you want clean dishes, a clean dishwasher is also required. Regular cleaning keeps your other kitchen utensils in perfect condition. The door from the dishwasher is a great fingerprint magnet every time you clean the dishes. Inside the dishwasher, although it does not appear at first sight, there is a whole host of bacteria and viruses that can cause a variety of illnesses. Not to mention grease and parts of food that settle in the dishwasher.

Not only do the pieces of food look nasty, but after a while they start to smell. Regular cleaning of the dishwasher avoids these inconvenience and keeps your dishwasher longer in service.

How to clean the door

Clean the appliance door with warm soapy water. Or, to remove fingerprints, use a household cleaning solution consisting of ¼ cup of edible soda and 1 liter of water. Avoid aggressive detergents or hard wires that can scratch the surface of the dishwasher. If the doors are clean, wipe them dry with a soft cloth.

The dishwasher door is not just the front part. Open the dishwasher and get rid of dirt even on the sides of the door. Ideal is a smaller toothbrush that can be accessed in inaccessible places. Use a home remedy for cleaning. Be sure to clean all the seals around the rubber seal and other slots in the door. Wipe the resulting dirt with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. Clean the door with a dry cloth.

How to clean the inside of the dishwasher

Before cleaning the inside of the dishwasher, remove any dirt from the bottom of the dishwasher. Get rid of all the big dirt that did not flush at the last dishwashing. Also clean the drain.

Once the dirt has been removed, prepare a cup of plain white vinegar and pour it into the detergent compartment. Run the program with the highest temperature. White vinegar and hot water cleanse and disinfect the dishwasher. Once the cycle is complete, wipe the inside of the dishwasher with a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth.

Instead of vinegar, you can use a cup of soda or sprinkle the bottom of the dishwasher with soda. In both cases, switch on the dishwasher for the warmest program.

How to clean accessories

The last step when cleaning the washer is cleaning accessories. Remove all racks and dishes. Wipe off any dirt and clean the accessories with your household cleaner. In case of heavier dirt, use a soft brush. At the end of cleaning, dry the accessories.

Rust inside the dishwasher

Depending on how much water you have, a rust can appear inside the dishwasher. To remove rust stains, it is advisable to use a product that removes it, but does not damage plastics and metal inside the dishwasher. Consult an expert about the ideal product. Once you have the product selected, you are doing the classic way of cleaning the inside of the dishwasher.