How to grow a green onion

Cultivate your own delicious green onion, which is a great accompaniment to the main meal or just sprinkled on bread. In this article you will get all the information you need to grow it. Here we go.

Some information about the green onion

Green onion is a small plant that has a small white onion and a long green stem. There are many different types of this favorite vegetable. They can be grown from both seed and seedlings. The advantage of green onions is that you can harvest the entire plant or only a certain part. You decide whether you want a green stem with an onion or use only a stem to decorate.

Planting onions from seeds or seedlings

Onion seeds can be planted in the spring once the soil is soft and there is no risk of freezing. The best soil type is the one that is well drained and airy.

Sowing onions is very cheap, but growth takes a long time. Seeds do not need to germinate and weed is a common problem. It often happens that when removing weeds, you will also pull the onion itself. Place green onion seeds on a well-sunny site about 2-3 centimeters deep. Keep the soil evenly damp, but not submerged.

Planting onion is a simpler and safer way to get a fresh green onion. Onion kits are seedlings that were grown in the previous year and harvested and preserved in vegetative tranquility over the winter. They are then sold in volumes in the spring. Place bulb seedlings in a sunny place, about 3-5 cm deep.

Since seedlings of spring bulbs are relatively young, they can be planted close together, approximately 2 cm. If you grow the onion even with regard to the onion itself and not just the green stem, give them more space.

Own seedlings

Thanks to your own grown onions, you can get more seedlings. Just keep a couple of bulbs grown and put them in a glass of water. After a few days, the onions drop the roots and you can grow your own onion again. The same rules apply as above.