How to clean house plants

Keep your house plants clean and avoid unpleasant diseases. In addition, flowers will be rewarded with regular flowers, a nice scent and a pleasant color for regular care. We have basic tips for taking care of indoor plants.

Drink the house plants in lukewarm water

Washing house plants in lukewarm water is great for removing dust and insects. Do not use cold water that can damage the sheets. Smaller plants are ideal for washing in wood. For large flowers, use a shower instead. Before exposing the sun, make sure they are sufficiently dry.

Clean the leaves of the plants

Clean the leaves of indoor plants using a damp cloth or cotton. Hold the sheet in one hand and the other wipe the dust. This prevents damage to the sheet. Do not use oil or polish that blocks the pores and prevents the plant from breathe.

How to Remove Dust from African Violet

Removing dust from African violet and similar plants is very complex. Their tiny hairs hold dust much more than the leaves of other indoor plants. Use a soft toothbrush and gradually remove dust from the end of the sheet to its tip.

Simple cleaning of indoor plants

This procedure is great for smaller plants. Take the plant and the flower pot in your hand and turn it upside down. Of course, give support all the time to prevent the flower from striking. Then rinse the leaves in lukewarm water and allow to dry.

Get rid of dry flowers

For your indoor plants to be healthy and strong, you need to support their growth. You will do this by getting rid of dry and dead flowers. At the same time, you reduce the risk of spreading mold and other diseases.

Remove dirt from the surrounding area

The flower must be clean and kept. The same is true of its surroundings. If you come across a dry leaf around a pot, throw it away. Wipe off dust and get rid of all other dirt or spilled water. Again, you reduce the risk of mold and the occurrence of pests.