How to properly move plants

Certainly all gardeners agree that it is a hearty feeling when the first winter frosts come and the plants recede the cycle of nature. However, the end of the season does not have to mean a definitive separation with plants. You can have many of your favorite outdoor container packs at home, like houseplants.

Before you decide to keep all the flowers, you need to think a lot of things. Most varieties are not built to the home environment and need special care such as higher humidity, sunshine, plenty of water, etc. What other issues do you need to look out for?

Beware of pests

When relocating flowers from the outside to the house, pest problems may occur. Before you put the plant in your place, check it out. Remove any problems and make sure the pests do not get past.

Let the plants get time for acclimatization

Once the pests are under control, it is time to focus on acclimatization of plants. Before putting them permanently in the room, move the plant to a shady place for a few days. Plant grows accustomed to the environment in the apartment easier than going directly from light to darkness.

The interior is slightly intersected, which helps to control the size and supports a new growth that is better adapted to the interior life. Repeat the same procedure in the spring when the plant moves from the interior to the garden.

Tips for winter maintenance

Once the plants are indoors, it is necessary to realize that they do not require as much water as during the growing season. The winter period is a time of rest. Take care not to let the plant dry. Too much water or fertilizer during the winter does not prove it.