5 tips to expand the small garden optically

Do you have a smaller terrace or garden and would you like to expand it optically? We have five tips for you to give you more fake space. The next visit will be amazed by the beautiful and spacious garden.


1. Pergola hinges

Adding fabric to a small space will draw attention from small details. Pergola gets a new dimension and the curtain creates a pleasant atmosphere. You can use bamboo rods or special metal rods for hanging. However, use curtains that are resistant to natural conditions such as rain or wind and are resistant to UV radiation.

2. Mirror

Adding a mirror to the garden to the pergola to the terrace will optically expand the space. The mirror reflects the light and the space is more open. This is a quick and easy way to make a small space more spectacular.

3. Spacious flower pots

Perhaps you will find it absurd, but spacious flowerpots and tall flowers are expanding space. Add a smaller cedar, shrub, miniature ornamental tree, or other flower in the garden to gain an optically wider space. This simple trick works on the same principle as dressing in fashion.

4. Small furniture

Slope of space often creates inappropriate furniture. Do not choose garden furniture too large in the garden, which will needlessly take up space. Get more small chairs instead of one big bench. You will have enough space to sit and the space will be preserved.

5. Lighting

Outdoor lighting revives dark corners and extends space. Lighting can be any, from paper lanterns to decorative chains of lights. It’s up to you and your imagination. Outdoor lighting will be appreciated especially during the summer months, when you are glad to be late in the evening.