Garlic, superman against flu and cold

Winter is not just about enjoying snow and ice, but also fighting colds and flu epidemics. They can face the different eating habits, eating vitamins in fruits and vegetables, hardening, someone gets a flu injection, but it always takes on only some of its strains. But there is one proven fighter – garlic!

Garlic and allicin

Alicin, that’s the stuff you run around and you get it from garlic. This is not the case, since natural garlic contains aliin, which is converted to allicin. To do this, you must bake or crush or wipe the garlic. Alicin is the most effective substance to promote immunity and to fight flu and cold.

Maximum strength of garlic

It is best to use Czech garlic, it is not a matter of dispute. Of course, garlic and heat treated to keep the most effect, it is good to crush the garlic and let it stand for 10 minutes before the heat treatment. To really have the maximum healing effect of garlic, then crush it, cut it into slices, or cut it and eat it straight away, but not everyone can handle it.

Garlic extract

Experts confirm that garlic extract is very effective in preventing flu and cold. You can make it at home, just cut the garlic, put in 15-20% of alcohol and store for 1.5 years.

How often do you consume garlic?

Here some of them are horrified, but the minimum daily dose of garlic is one clove 2-3 times a day!

A garlic drink

He says he’s really helping. Although it can be a bit tricky for someone, but overcome your resistance to garlic. It can also be prevented, not only when you are cold. Some people may be able to lift the temperature after ingestion of the drink, but then you will start gradually relieving them, the headaches, the joints, the coughing, and the coughing. Drinking this drink, according to those who have tried it, will speed up recovery for three to four days. To prepare the drink you need a garlic clove, honey and lemon. You squeeze the juice of lemon and garlic in the twenties, then boil it with boiling water and sweeten with honey. After five to ten minutes, the drink is sliced ​​and drunk. You can give up to three doses a day.