ERP system is an asset for every company

Wondering how to improve your business? How about by better managing projects and employees? You can also have better visibility into your accounting, better target your advertising, have better customer relationships, or better promote your business. Are there too many of these activities? You can do them all quite playfully if you provide your company with one single program, which is a ERP system. It contains all the tools you need to manage your business so you can control it from a single point.

AutomaticERP, the solution that adapts to you

Whether you need project management – software or you are looking for an employee management program, the best solution is one that is customized for you. Perhaps no one likes programs where there is an excess of features you don’t need and creates unnecessary chaos. A better choice is AutomaticERP it is the most advanced ERP system that is easy to use and since only the necessary features will be implemented into it, it is suitable for any company, regardless of the line of business or number of employees.

Here you can keep an eye on all your projects, track their status and view a Gannt chart for them. You can assign projects to employees, track employee workload, efficiency, and schedule and track attendance. Finally, you’ll be operating as efficiently as possible. There is a clear interface and you have a separate entity for each function of the z. You can playfully switch to billing and deal with accounting, then switch to the email client and communicate with customers, create and send them newsletters or offers. You can also manage advertising campaigns from here and view important data in clear graphs – the possibilities are countless. AutomaticERP is not installed anywhere, it is available to you and your employees from anywhere, find out more about this revolutionary system at