You no longer enjoy the dull gray of your home and would like to give it a new smile but you do not know how to t? We would be happy to advise and inspire you.


Still thinking about what you could do to keep your walls so empty and empty that you looked better than now, but you do not know what you’d figure out about that wall? You have to do something that will make your home even cheer up.

  • Take the fabric

Do you have surplus pieces of cloth at home that just lie in the closet, “if by chance”? Now you can use them! Create a letter template from which you want to make a word, put it on the fabric, and then cut it out. Just do not adhere with glue to prevent damage to the plaster but corn starch.


Do you have a lot of photos of your family on your computer and shared, happy moments? Why not remind them all the time? Let them invoke and stick around the corner of the walls, it’s aesthetic and sentimental, and you will definitely like to marry together with your family and remember how well you were.


Get a few bars – buy them in OBI and similar marketes, roll them on small, just the same lengths, paint each other and prepare a colorful mosaic you place as you like it.

Painting on the wall

If you have artistic tendencies and dare to do that, just take the colors and go to the painting yourself. You have the opportunity to paint different abstract shapes, splashes or pictures directly, whether they are a children’s room or write a decorative inscription. It’s up to you.


Everyone is sure to introduce the “poster” to the Bravíček double band with a favorite music band or singer, and we are equally quickly empathizing. So you do not have to, posters can be with thousands of themes and thousands of designs. You can buy today’s posters both on the internet and on various home-based marketers. You can revive the dull walls around the apartment, not only in the living room.

It’s also quite a novelty that you can make large-format prints to stick to furniture or doors to deliver your flat or house to the right smudge.