How about clothes

Laundry, folding, and overall care of clothes will take a lot of time. Follow our advice and get extra time. In this article, we will show how to effectively and seamlessly wash and care for the laundry.

Prepare, beware, wash!

Laundry is exhausting at the thought itself. For this routine, however, you need to set rules to help speed up the process. Everything starts with preparation. Below are some tips you should not miss.

You know your clothes

Before you throw anything into a washing machine, make sure it is really washable and you need to wash it. Many clothing is prone to different temperatures and wash programs. Even though you will know your clothes, there is nothing easier than checking the clothes tag. Let me know how you want to work.

Sort or not?

There are two thought streams for sorting laundry. Some say that it is necessary to sort clothes for fine, light, dark, towels, bed linen, etc. Others suggest that none of this is necessary. All that is needed is to separate the hand wash. Colors do not need to be distinguished.

If you want to make sure your clothes do not run out of color, do a simple test. Put a mild detergent into the sink with water and insert a piece of clothing. If water does not stain, it can be washed with other laundry.

You can also sort by material. Especially for jeans, towel and other heavy fabrics, it is necessary to separate fine and heavy clothes. This will prevent rapid wear and tear.

Search your pockets

Before you throw anything into your washing machine, check your pockets. Frequent trouble during washing is full of pockets. Pockets in the pockets have the effect of damaging clothing, staining, etc. None of this may happen if you have the job to search all your pockets.

Stain remover

Take special care with resistant stains. Before washing, apply a small amount of detergent to it and let it sink. Add to other garments. Thanks to this procedure, the laundry is washed better and the stain is removed.

How to Wash the Machine

Below we have some tips for getting the best possible laundry

  1. Before washing, read the washing machine manual and the label instructions. You will be amazed how much new information you will learn. You often realize the mistake you make when washing your laundry. The most frequent change is the detergent dosage, softener,

  2. For the best results, do not fill the washing machine to the edge. Keep enough space between your laundry to make a beautiful wash.
  3. Select the water temperature and wash program according to the type of clothing. It is usually possible to wash clothes in cold water and save on energy. However, it is sometimes necessary to wash everything at a certain temperature. Towels and bedding always wash in warm water to eliminate mites and bacteria.