8 natural ways to take home

Try our tips for natural remedies to get rid of the smell and make your home great. The preparation is very simple and all the necessary ingredients are easily available.

Lemon and rosemary

A lemon-roasted lemon home will take care of the fresh, odorless home. This scent is made with water, lemon, rosemary and vanilla extract. Mix everything together and let it work. There is no need to buy special containers. You will have plenty of pots or mugs.


Who does not like the smell of lilac in bloom? Make your home a lilac with a sprayer. You will get the aroma of spring if you mix water, vodka and lilac oil.

Rosemary and lavender

If you want to refresh your carpets, try rosemary and lavender. Mix baking soda, dried rosemary, and lavender oil. Apply the necessary amount to the carpet and allow it to stand for 20 minutes. Then vacuum everything. You will see how the carpet will smell good.

Scented candles

One way to get home is by using a jar. Simply fill your glass with your favorite scent. You can use some of the above recipes. Once you have a full glass, put it in the pot and warm the glass. Heat will make the scent spread throughout the home.

Reusable refills

Do not waste unnecessary money for a toilet freshener. Use an already empty freshener to fill your favorite fragrance. In addition, you will save considerable money. All you need is an air freshener, water and a favorite essential oil.

Cinnamon and orange

If you do not like candles, we have a great tip for you. The excellent cinnamon-orange air freshener will go without fire and smoke. It is enough to have polymers that absorb water, cinnamon oil, orange oil and water. You will see that this smoke-free freshener will make your home as good as scented candles.

Scented pot

You can taste delicious home from the kitchen. Take cranberries, orange, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and rosemary. Put everything in a pot and pour with the necessary amount of water. Slowly warm the mixture thoroughly to release the necessary scent. Within a few minutes, you have a beautiful home.

Home speaker

The home speaker is very simple to produce. You need glassware with a small hole, rattan reeds, alcohol, almond oil and a favorite essential oil. A very good oil is lavender, which has a fresh and very soothing scent. Especially for the bedroom is suitable. Lemon oil will be appreciated again in the kitchen.