Meet the surroundings

Are you moving to another city waiting for you and are you afraid to fit in between new people and the new environment? Do not worry, you will soon overcome it.


“Be here at home” – everybody has heard this sentence many times, but nobody took it seriously. When a friend tells her during a family visit, it is clear that you do not make a couch, do not wear a bra, do not make a boil, and do not take a bowl of potatoes into your lap – that is “at home”! This sentence is simply referred to as decency.

But what if you move to a new home where you should feel it, but still can not? How to help you and your entire family or partner feel happy and happy at the new site?

Take advantage of the local sporting activities

  • Each city has its own “rings” for both children and adults. Women often practice yoga or zumba, men also have martial arts and children with all kinds of movement rings. It opens up your way to new knowledge and especially to new acquaintance, which is at least a small step to getting used to the new place faster and more comfortably. In addition, you will do something for your health – and that counts!

Get involved in cultural events

  • Is your new city or village waiting for a cultural event? Such as carnival, feast, burning witches, fairy-tale forest or other cultural events that are held regularly in many cities? Do not be at home just because there is “no one you know, so what are you going to do?” Just one new friend who will meet you and others will be there right after the problem. So get to know!


  • It’s always the easiest way to get to know the local pub. If you are ashamed, have a “cuddly girl” at home, and just go out among the people who have fun in the pub – and you will see that they will be glad if they are not “noble people” who are nobody to the body does not let go, but it does not happen so often.

Be informed

Try to ask at the office where you will have a permanent residence, what are the possibilities of cultural enjoyment or getting to know people. Mostly you will be willing to advise, just do not be afraid to ask.