Look into your window – Are you happy with it? What if you somehow upgraded it? Do not worry, you do not have to bother – just buy new curtains!


It’s not often that you’re going to buy curtains and curtains, because it’s not the cheapest thing – if you’re looking at the quality and not the quantity when you buy cheaper curtains, but you often change them. Therefore, you should be careful about what curtains or curtains you choose, because you might regret later. But how do we know what will last us long and remain good?

We have listed for you the main mistakes we make when purchasing:

  • What color to choose?

We often choose the hue according to memory, in the store we are excited about our choice, but it will fall soon after we buy the goods at home and we will find that it does not fit at all with your interior. So try to get a piece of cloth at home that matches the rest of the room and choose a perfect curtain instead.

  • Bad curtain width

We recommend that you get a curtain that has a width of at least two to three times as much as the width of your window – so you will have plenty of space to make the curtain beautifully crafted to make your window look both inside and outside beautifully and you are looking at it.

  • Short pelmets

The recommended length of the stairs should be at least 20 to 30 cm longer than the window so that it does not interfere with the curved hinge. It also depends on the material from which the curtain is. If it is lighter, the distance from the window will naturally be smaller.

  • Short curtains

Too short curtains can be seen in many windows, but it is not modern. It is a general fact that the longer the curtain is longer, the smoother the room looks. So do not worry about the length.

If you prefer lightweight curtains and when you have them, you do not have enough darkness at home, such as a romantic evening with a partner, or just to have privacy, consider purchasing blinds that will definitely help you with the eclipse of the room.