Looking forward to lunch every afternoon, but can you imagine how you could manage to cook better? So why do not you just try?


Have you always loved cooking – and especially good meals, and you have longed to become a professional chef or even a chef? Well, why not, if you are absolutely convinced about your dream, go ahead! The way is not easy at all, but with the right deployment and a degree of skill that is indispensable to this field, you can achieve your dream. So did Zdeněk Pohlreich or even chef Gordon Ramsay. They both had only a dream at the beginning – and where are they now? So why could not it just happen to you?

  1. Find work at the restaurant

You need to know how it goes in the kitchen, what it does, how the chefs communicate, how they have a stored meal – just everything you want to do once. Therefore, you should stay in this environment. If you’re still studying or working somewhere else, find a brigade in the restaurant, let ‘s tap this environment before you get into it fully.

2. Boil at home

Of course, home cooking is about something other than a restaurant, but it is good to be ready and advance in the preparation of food, perhaps even innovating recipes according to your own imagination. At home you are more relaxed, so your brain works better than in a stress-free restaurant. So, as they say – “hard on the field, easy on the battlefield.”

3. Educate yourself

Many people have the same dream as you – and then you have to think. Competition in this field is really great and you should be one step ahead of the others. So if you really make a decision, learn! Get professional literature, start collecting a magazine about gastronomy, watch cooking shows – just keep going “in the center of events” and watch gastronomy news. You’ll see how you can do it in a competitive fight!

If you are afraid that you do not have it, do not hurry, devote yourself to cooking like a hobby and wait until you feel a hundred percent ready. It is never too late to start fulfilling your dreams.